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about DIY websites

Why Use a DIY site builder?

• Do It Yourself websites are a quick and easy way to get a website up and
   running, they provide website templates with template options.You pick
   your design, layout and colors.
   Keep in mind that HTML knowledge is NOT required.
   We offer "Concrete5" an easy to use web site creation software. (no

   With concrete you can easily put together a web site of your own.
What Concret 5 DIY site builder provides.
• Easy use when editing pages and customizing the look and feel of things.
• If you want to add a page. Oh, look, there’s an "Add Page" button”. Great!
• If you need to edit the text in this page. Aaah, an "Edit Page" button.” Cool.
• Need to add a contact form?”Look for the “Add to Main” link.
• The ability to drag and drop page elements on the fly.
• A very nice feature is the ability to edit the built-in image gallery.

Okay. . . I can build a free & easy website, whats next?

• HOSTING: This requires a monthly fee (or yearly at a discount).
   In order to let the cyberworld see your new site, you need a "host" to provide
   a "pathway" to the internet.

   • We host exclusively with Cyber Vortex.
   •Cyber Vortex will provide you with your domain name at no charge, and keep
     your site on-line.
     Keeping a website up-to-date and running smoothly is as important as
     getting it on the web in the first place.
     Your site will be submitted to search engines every few weeks. A site that
     hasn't been touched in months is not serving you well. My sites are hosted
     exclusivly by Cyber Vortex: an internet web presence provider for
     web sites & web related tools for small business. Support for Microsoft®
     FrontPage®, Microsoft® SQL and IIS.
     Hosting for private and commercial web sites. Personalized software
     development in C++ and VBScript, IIS,
     SQL , MySQL, PHP ,Perl.
Ready to get started? (Cybervortex link will go here)

Just because you have choosen a DYI doesn't mean you have to go it alone.
Cyber Vortex
is a host who goes above and beyond to help their clients.